Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nene, Daddy's back.

Yea, I saw it.

It always feels weird to write posts in my old living room. I'm in a completely different state of mind when I am in NJ, and it is hard to get motivated to write anything while I am here. But, since I don't start working/move for another month and a half, blogging will be a good project to keep me busy in my ample downtime. Yesterday, I officially moved out of college, and on the way back home, besides listening to one the CDs I made for Off the Yelzebub, I caught some of the local radio station for the first time in months. There are a few things that stuck out to me that I figured I'd make quick notes about:

Noz has his own thoughts on the matter, but I actually kind of like the beat to "A Milli." The first version I listened to had Corey Gunz, who made Mr. F. Baby look lazy and boring. There was some other version with the line "it's nap time/ I'll holla back at you at snack time" which was cute, though I can say I do like the version now with the "what's a goon to a goblin" talk. But, while I was driving past Lincoln Financial Field, I heard "A Billie," Hovie Hov's take on the beat. It's horrendous, simply terrible in my mind. He needs to stop with the "rrrrah, rrrah" thing that he started on that Lupe song from Food and Liquor, "The Pressure," which was so disappointingly underwhelming. The Jadakiss version is worth it simply for the lines "tight shirt, tight pants, all these Homo sapiens" and "Closed casket, leave nothing but legs for them." But somehow, Wayne still sounds the best over the beat, probably because they're both annoying as hell after the first 30 seconds and then I start to zone out.

Bun B's on the remix to "Get Silly." So is the 40 Water. One of these guys fits in my mind, though I may be wrong. Oh, and Polow easily had my favorite verse, given that I've heard the song twice now. Jermaine Dupri should never be allowed near a microphone for reasons that should be obvious.

Busta + Linkin Park = f-ing terrible.

I promise that a write-up of Dirty Money is coming soon. I just need to actually think about what I want to say. Should be easy with nothing else to do.