Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I-I-I-I ain't tryin' to leave my old lady

Contrary to what some may have thought, I am not done blogging at all. Like I wrote earlier, being at home takes away any inspiration I may have to write. Luckily that should all change in a couple weeks when I get to Boston. In the meantime, why is no one talking about this song? I will concede that Fonzworth has no business in front of a microphone, but he's damn sure better than Diddy. More importantly, a member of Outkast is on the song, qualifying it for any year-end lists. Sadly, it only exists as a video, as I have yet to hear it compete with "Out Here Grindin'" or "Bust It Baby Pt. 2" on the radio. It's a shame, because if people like dancing, in my mind this kind of beat is perfect. I'm also surprised Mr. West didn't try to get a verse on this beat. Seeing that kind of restraint from him is rare nowadays, though much appreciated. I'm sure once there's a remix, I'll regret that statement.

Robin Thicke's "Magic" is great. Sadly, the video is f-ing atrocious. Please, Robin, don't ever dance.