Saturday, June 30, 2007

I am a simpson.

it was pro bono.

it's me, grown up. though my shirt seems to have gotten smaller and my pants tighter. Oh well, nothing matches, which is just my style. The Simpsons Movie is out in a month. Become a character.

I also cooked my first meal today. Spaghetti w/ meat sauce. I am still here, so it must have been good. I can finally cook something. Almost 21 years old and I know one meal. Moving up in the world.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brad made it to Seattle...

And I will be killing many a Manduca sexta this summer. All in the name of science an dunderstanding evolution. I will take pictures at some point this weekend and oyu can see my humble (seriously) abode and maybe my lab space. I may even make a breakthrough in science, who knows?

Everyone should listen to this, regardless of whether you listen to rap or not. It's a nice, productive conversation and very Soc/Anthy, if you like that sort of thing. Deadlee gets points for using the term "homo-thug." His songs are hysterical, though I think there is a danger in just doing satire, especially in rap because things are so "real."

In other music news, check ou the newest thing from Harlem:

I will leave you with that.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I am so bored...

Our friend and cousin is off exploring the southern portion of this hemisphere in Brazil (let me know if that does not work). Seeing as she too calls the greater Trenton area her hometown, we at Trenton Takes would appreciate it if you were to peruse her blog. J and Jesus greatly appreciate it.

Now that Jason convinced me to reboot the blog, I guess now would be a good time to update people on what I have been doing this past week, now finally home before I (finally) leave for Seattle. Here's one thing I've done:

Never tell me the odds

That's right, people, all six episodes have been on HBO of On Demand this week and I have watched the entire original trilogy (naturally) and The Phantom Menace. Not as bad as we all made it out to be, in hindsight. Just that damn Jar-Jar. Liam Neeson should have stayed in the series longer, he was easily the best actor throughout the whole series. And who didn't like the podracing scene? I remember buying the LEGO set for Anakin's racer soon after the movie was released. By "I remember buying," I mean "I remember my great aunt buying for me."

If you do not know which one is Anakin's, you do not deserve to read this blog.

In other news, the Spurs won the series. Sorry, Jason. While I am hesitant to agree with most people who say San Antonio is "boring," I will say this is one of the worst finals I have ever seen. It was clear for the get-go that the Cavs were over-matched; this was boring to watch because the Cavs sucked so bad and couldn't be competitive. PHX/SA was entertaining because both teams were playing with some sort of desire, so it isn't the Spurs' fault. But if I am watching the supposed world championship of basketball, I think I deserve more than the mediocre 4 games I was given. To the Eastern Conference: get some damn talent, I don't like seeing the same predictable series over and over. It doesn't help that you re all boring to watch. Goodness gracious.

A couple weeks ago, the Pied Piper released a new album. Here's one of the songs, entitled "Real Talk" here. I am really loving how in this post- 9/11 and post-Imus world, R&B singers and rappers still do not lighten their lyrics for the audience, or even because they're tired of saying the same thing as the next guy. I also love how at the beginning, Kells says he isn't here to "call no names," then proceeds to call his woman a "bitch" and her friends are "hos."

Bet you'll never look at birds the same again

It seems Alan Grant may be right in some respects. I still need to see The Lost World. To those who have seen it: is it even worth it? One.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In '92, flooded Brooklyn with vials (I'm back!)

My flow is just that smooth, dammit.

So at the persuasion of Jason, I will repost. Since I have nothing to do until I go back out west, I came up with these quick little bars about hating children. I would like to preface this by saying a) I don't hate children as much as it seems in this thing, they only bother in huge amounts b) this verse was inspired by the Pusha T line "Diamonds big as Robin Harris's eyes/ I 'Bebe' Kids my neck" from Fabolous's "Joke's On You" and c) I have no idea what beat this could go over. Enjoy, tear it apart, whatever you please. Keep in mind I was bored.

I could never deal with women with offspring,
They might get attached and have me wind up adopting,
Baking cakes with frosting, shit, I’d rather have them on the corner shootin’ dice or clocking,
Bradley don’t want to hear about Ryan Gosling
I’d rather hear some Joan Allen, and take your Face/off
Show you I practice gun fu if you think I play the game soft,
And if you got Bebe’s kids? Hope they like R Kelly,
Fuck around and wind up trapped in the closet, head to their belly
But no Baretta, they may grow up with a vendetta,
But step to this cat, and mice get robbed for they cheddar,
Pirates for they treasure, cows for they leather, whatever,
And I don’t care if you 8 years old,
I’m a disciple of Omarion, asshole, my heart is ice cold,
Davy Jones, no soul, I rip MC flesh and tear out the bone,
They spineless, rewind this, I’m timeless,
When I get out of school, they’ll say I’m crazy as Ron is,
But this Panther don’t trap women in trunks,
I just got an issue with little men scuffing my Dunks

Anyway, check these out: blam and blam. Hey J, can you take picutres like that of SF that invoke delight and wonder? I sure as hell cannot.

And listen to R. Kelly's "Real Talk." The man is a genius. Anyway, I am out. Don't you think I've got enough bullshit on my mind than to worry about this damn blog? One.

vote of confidence

Say Bradley, what do you say we try to resurrect this thing?

Brad likes to post about things he reads, listens to, or sees on youtube/tv. Well, he's a good man, because I'm too lazy to hyperlink. I would like to try and post more, simply because I'm going through this whole med school junk, and there's a lot on my mind otherwise.

It's 1:46 AM, and I'll be dead tired tomorrow at work. It's been so long since I've last studied/worked on writing a formal piece of work, I think my natural nerd instinct has kicked in. That means taking naps at really awkward times of the day (8:30 PM).

I've somehow inadvertently started reading all these books that try to describe the state of man, or some form of brotherhood that's intrinsic to our sex. I don't know how I feel about that.

That being said, Lebron, please beat San Antonio.