Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jason wanted me to add this..

Momma, I'm so sorry, but are they really that different?

Goodness, I have better things I should be doing: S/FJ on independent hip hop
I must say, he really hits it on the head talking about all the preaching that goes on. You're tired of the crap? Me too, but don't just sit and complain about it. Make music that I want to listen to, don't just say what I'm saying. And do it well, b/c some of these acts are getting on my nerves nowadays (Lupe, LB, Mos Def, you get the idea). Being high and mighty is lame, and it alienates your audience who probably indulges in Wu/Clipse/Nas/BCC. But really it's just lame. I know I sound like Tom Breihan right now, but he has a bit of a point. Though a "granola-munching boho" who put out one of the best albums the past 5 years in my opinon doesn't preach. He's harder than the times.

And while I'm here, read this O-Dub piece of Barack Obama.
I don't know about you, but for me, his "blackness" was only relevant for a short while. I caught up on his bio (his ish is straight) but I am more concerned with his political experience on the national stage, of which he has not much. I thought he should wait, but I could always be wrong. I just hope he doesn't have a Jesse Jackson "Hymietown"moment. I would despise him forever, then. Speaking of black leaders, Farrakhan has said farewell. That's too bad, although he is the man who said of the black journalist who reported on "Hymietown" that "the traitor will be punished." And VA's apologizing for slavery. If onl they'd do the same for the Pharrell album, the last Missy joint, anything by Teddy Riley after 1993...

Finally, are HBCUs really worth it? I am not answering that, just listen and think about it. Even if you aren't black, you might learn something about the pressure put on high schoolers to go to college.

The start

What do we represent? What are we trying to say?

With all the reading I've been doing lately now that I'm out of school, I've reestablished my vast respect for writers. As I fumble to describe what I do on a daily basis, I realize how difficult it is to clearly express your honest thoughts.

Like this guy:

I told Brad that I didn't know what I would write about. Yes, I am very good at trashing things, but what else could I say? This guy probably could trash quite a few things in many elegant ways, but he writes for the New Yorker. I find it strange that almost all his articles are to either praise, or simply break down some music related pop culture happening. Like this piece:

Is it weak to only write positive reviews? Regardless, I enjoy his writing.... I wish I could do what he does.

On a different note, my computer is too old to watch youtube videos, so I'll have to chime in on your posts later Brad.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Pyrex and powder, it was back to the norm...

Get it?

Guess who's back, it's the Theodore Unit. Been long time, eh? Well, Jason needs help, and I can always stand to polish up my writing skills. I'm taking a new approach this time, more articles, less self-indulgence and angst. Read what you like, and post. Come wack? Get smashed. I'd like to thank Jason for letting me start. Actually, I just took the initiative to post something. I also don't have to work.

You'll have to excuse me, I'm a nerd.Very cool, in my mind. You don't like it? Sorry, can't help it. So much for frogs being important.

This is so sad.

It took 50 years to finally get the government of Little Rock's back? It must be some place to live.

And finally... which song is better:

Rich Boy

or Talib Kweli, BK MC?

I honestly have no idea. I feel like that's more a commentary on T.K. Greene than my taste. The saga begins.