Friday, February 23, 2007

Pyrex and powder, it was back to the norm...

Get it?

Guess who's back, it's the Theodore Unit. Been long time, eh? Well, Jason needs help, and I can always stand to polish up my writing skills. I'm taking a new approach this time, more articles, less self-indulgence and angst. Read what you like, and post. Come wack? Get smashed. I'd like to thank Jason for letting me start. Actually, I just took the initiative to post something. I also don't have to work.

You'll have to excuse me, I'm a nerd.Very cool, in my mind. You don't like it? Sorry, can't help it. So much for frogs being important.

This is so sad.

It took 50 years to finally get the government of Little Rock's back? It must be some place to live.

And finally... which song is better:

Rich Boy

or Talib Kweli, BK MC?

I honestly have no idea. I feel like that's more a commentary on T.K. Greene than my taste. The saga begins.

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