Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brad rediscovers OutKast...

We just can't be amazed

Listen to the first verse of this. I am well aware I am a few weeks late (I've been busy with grown-up stuff), but this is such a relief. Before I begin, I would just like to remind you all to only listen to the first verse, as I don't think anyone cares to hear from Murphy Lee or Nelly (where did he go, anyway)? Rap is bad right now, been bad for about three or four years in my opinion. Even the last OutKast album sucked. But these little snippets give us hope for creativity, something sorely lacking from the pop music world in general, but the problem is especially heinous in rap. This reminds me of a little movie from 1996...

OK, they may not be the same thing (I sure as hell hope not), but the point remains. When T.I., Young Jeezy and Young Buck are the best rappers out, I think it's safe to say there is a problem. That's no knock on their home region, this is a post celebrating Andre 3000, but the fact of the matter is, rap sucks. A lot. No one is exciting in the least bit to me, and I'm only 20. If they can't reach me, they're assed out as I'm one of the people who buys albums, tour tickets, shirts, etc. And judging by album sales, it seems the good-old "mass marketing" technique of record companies and ClearChannel's brainwashing aren't working anymore.

There is no new/interesting rap news. Oh well, Disney may finally release "Song of the South" on DVD. I looked up some clips on Youtube last night, it's not as offensive as I thought. Except for the whole Uncle Remus thing. I can't really be mad at the actor who plays him, it's a job, but man did I feel sorry for him. To have to say things like "Br'er Rabbit was pow'ful hongry" for a couple months straight must wear on you. Enjoy a clip:

Welcome to the Disney family, Halle

In other Disney news, they revealed their first black princess, Maddy, a couple weeks ago. She's set to star in "The Frog Princess" two years from now. And it takes place in the N.O. She's a black, American princess? What the hell kind of sense does that make? Can't she live in Africa, and the Imagineers can use some old African proverb and tell the story using that culture, like "Mulan" and "Aladdin"? I am also worried that this will water down N.O.'s jazz scene, as they won't be able to help but use jazz to the point that I kill myself in this movie. And if there are no strong black men in this one, I won't say I'm not surprised. Thankfully, they're basing it on an actual story, not just making up some shit to appease black people, so it may turn out all right. And the co-directors did "The Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin." But that was 15 years ago. We'll see. Go find a picture of Maddy for yourself. Here's one, not very good, though.

Monday, March 19, 2007

This is amazing (potentially)

Listen to this. Davidson and Princeton are leading the pack. Swarthmore would do good to follow their lead, seeing as we have 1.2 billion dollars we're just sitting on. No student loans would get us straight to the top of U.S. News and World Report. Take note, Al Bloom, I could have just saved the school's rep. I never considered going there and I'm proud.

And I swear, if this does not end in three convictions I will burn down a building. Call me crazy, but there's rarely a need to shoot at anyone 31 times. And that's one cop's gun. I hate the NYPD.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Breihan gets something right (again)

Not a particularly interesting article, but I'm glad I'm not the only person who sees a problem with the following silly-ass ideas:
One of the interchangeable girls on the show last night said that the Pussycat Dolls stand for female empowerment, which is a bit of a reach. At least the Spice Girls occasionally trumpeted vague and toothless feminism; the message of pretty much every PCD song seems to boil down to either I-don't-need-a-man or I-need-a-man.
And people say I'm crazy. Of course, people have said the same thing about Destiny's Child, or just Beyonce in general. Please ignore the crass materialism and excessive need for sex in her verses, and those of the Pussycat Dolls. Deep down, there are young women crying out for someone to love them. And buy a Buggatti.

Of course, it would be sexist of me to only complain about women's behavior in pop music, seeing as how every woman who read my first Phoenix column asked me about the guy's role. So, I shall oblige. Kanye West is an incredible misogynist, and people love this song. The video speaks for itself. And he still hasn't gotten any better at rapping: "Said she love Beyonce/ let me 'Upgrade U'." WTF is that silly-goose shit? Why would he spend money on a song like this? For someone who's supposed to be the Bob Dylan of our generation (I see you, Ben Bradlow), he sure is fuckin' up. And people eat it up. One comment, written by someone known as "
Sampson1te " wrote:
this is awesome, ye's creative, yall jus mad cause hes got it on lock, and he dont talk about rims
I hate the world of rap, and all its fans.

That would have been the last of it, but I just saw the worst of both men and women. Have a nice day, Bradley's on leave. I'm going to go have a heart attack.

Things Brad hopes to see in SF...

and of course...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I love Kenneth Eng...

What can you do? He is God, after all.

America, Fuck Yeah!

Sweet, sweet justice. DC for life, baby.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

This is cute

Isn't it a lovely, progressive country we live in? Click to read the NYT article on this "extraordinary sight." In Mr. Obama's defense, at least he recognizes the plight of young black scientists (search for "math and science"). Of course, what the article above pointed out is that Barack was born in '61, and this march occurred in '64, meaning there's no way his parents got together over what was happening in Selma and had a child three years in the past. So I will say he does not have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Can he be thankful? Sure, go right ahead, but get those facts right.

And this is just sad. 19 months? He obviously was not liking all that "let my people go" talk. Go back to Verizon and fix their customer service.

I almost forgot, I have the funniest thing to post. Here:
Read it and love it. Then, go here and learn more about this literary genius. I spent all of yesterday reading backstories on him I was so intrigued. I'd like to point out that Kenneth C. Eng is an equal-opportunity racist, with columns decrying white and other Asian people. This country rocks. Did I forget he is the author of two books? It might be three, but I'm too lazy to find the last one, and I'm guessing (out on a limb here) that it's not worth it. Young people of America should be proud, we still have someone to fight.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Thorough disgust

I hate to say it, but for once I agree with Byron Crawford of XXL, this is really stupid. Rap has been bad so very long, I don't understand why it's taken so long to realize it. I got into the music once I got to Swarthmore 2 1/2 years ago, and then (and still now) I only really listened to old stuff, to catch up on the music that mattered. I am also not convinced that any of the gun/crack/women talk is really that much worse than before, it's just executed much more poorly. And I still don't believe rap is what's killing black people. If that were so, that would mean that non-black youths would have to be in as much trouble too, considering the amount of rap consumed by Latinos/whites/etc. As that is not the case, I think there are other problems that could be looked at to help out black people. DId people blame the Civil Rights Movement and the cooperation of some whites in that on rock'n'roll? There you go.

This is interesting. I would have thought all rap personalities were behind someone who feels he represents them, and has worked in their communities for them, as opposed to just working there to be seen. I guess Timbaland's feeling like a black Republican from all that JT/ Nelly Furtado cream.

Speaking of 'Baracka' (, thanks Juelz), I never really thought this would be that big an issue. How are two of them going to Selma, and one's giving a talk about the damn place? What about my damn health care/ stem cell research/ social security? Hillary Clinton is also an incredibly grimy person, on a side note. This is a particularly clever remark from an aide:
It’s probably a proud moment for us all. But there’s so much history to be made this time around — having the first woman president, having the first African-American nominee, having the first Latino nominee.
No knows who Bill Richardson, the candidate of Mexican descent, is, regardless of his experience or apparent dedication to foreign issues. Though he's the governor of New Mexico, he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times. Nice. His entrance does make for an interesting race, in some way. I hope he gets on his game. If I know anyone who votes for CLinton, I will be extremely disappointed, as she is being supported by the founder of Base, Embarassing Television. Someone needs to explain to me why Robert Johnson's doing that, normally he'd support anything/ anyone "black," and I have a feeling it has nothing to do with Obama's experience. He sucks.

What's with the NYT trying to analyze race all the time? I feel like a "phenomenon" like this has been around for a little while, at least.

And allow me to leave you with this parting shot:

Friday, March 2, 2007

I hate people

Good lord... People are so silly. If it works though, more power to them.

Video Friday...

It would do us some good to come up with a better title, because the name I came up with is the definition of "struggle."

First up: Esco, Chris, Kan Man and the Microphone Soloist team up to support sweat shops all over Southeast Asia for a shoe that really is quite ugly (I prefer New Balance to avoid a narrow path).

It's cute, Kanye has no business being on this song. He can't rap, has bad taste... just read this. Rakim is still the best rapper alive, he hasn't had a album in 8 years and still raps on beat, with no whispers (unlike some people born in '69). Nas rapped about... street life, per usual. The going platinum like 5 times line is something he tole MTV back when 50 had a problem with him, so that's 2 years too late. Any KRS sounded like a whiny old man. Imagine that. Gotta respect him, though, for his past. Just for some context, here's a picture of the show they're promoting on the right. These puppies are straight ass. There is no reason to swindle international children out of money they need, first of all. But for some ugly-ass, $200 shoes? I must be crazy.

In other news, this is totally unfair. While I do not doubt at all that smart, ambitious young women may be having a harder time finding "love" in this sexually aggressive moment in time, what about smart guys? Some of my closest friends are/were assed out when it came to relationships because of this culture. And yes, I do know lots of dudes are jackasses about women. But isn't that true for women when it comes to men? I hate books like this, they always try to make it seem like the problem is one way. But, of course, men lack emotions. Which is why I listen to rap music and don't like to dance. One of these days, I am bound to have an aneurysm.

And this is some silly goose shit here.
I can understand why this seems cool, but don't sensationalize it. He's just a man, a physicist.