Sunday, March 4, 2007

This is cute

Isn't it a lovely, progressive country we live in? Click to read the NYT article on this "extraordinary sight." In Mr. Obama's defense, at least he recognizes the plight of young black scientists (search for "math and science"). Of course, what the article above pointed out is that Barack was born in '61, and this march occurred in '64, meaning there's no way his parents got together over what was happening in Selma and had a child three years in the past. So I will say he does not have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Can he be thankful? Sure, go right ahead, but get those facts right.

And this is just sad. 19 months? He obviously was not liking all that "let my people go" talk. Go back to Verizon and fix their customer service.

I almost forgot, I have the funniest thing to post. Here:
Read it and love it. Then, go here and learn more about this literary genius. I spent all of yesterday reading backstories on him I was so intrigued. I'd like to point out that Kenneth C. Eng is an equal-opportunity racist, with columns decrying white and other Asian people. This country rocks. Did I forget he is the author of two books? It might be three, but I'm too lazy to find the last one, and I'm guessing (out on a limb here) that it's not worth it. Young people of America should be proud, we still have someone to fight.

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