Friday, March 2, 2007

Video Friday...

It would do us some good to come up with a better title, because the name I came up with is the definition of "struggle."

First up: Esco, Chris, Kan Man and the Microphone Soloist team up to support sweat shops all over Southeast Asia for a shoe that really is quite ugly (I prefer New Balance to avoid a narrow path).

It's cute, Kanye has no business being on this song. He can't rap, has bad taste... just read this. Rakim is still the best rapper alive, he hasn't had a album in 8 years and still raps on beat, with no whispers (unlike some people born in '69). Nas rapped about... street life, per usual. The going platinum like 5 times line is something he tole MTV back when 50 had a problem with him, so that's 2 years too late. Any KRS sounded like a whiny old man. Imagine that. Gotta respect him, though, for his past. Just for some context, here's a picture of the show they're promoting on the right. These puppies are straight ass. There is no reason to swindle international children out of money they need, first of all. But for some ugly-ass, $200 shoes? I must be crazy.

In other news, this is totally unfair. While I do not doubt at all that smart, ambitious young women may be having a harder time finding "love" in this sexually aggressive moment in time, what about smart guys? Some of my closest friends are/were assed out when it came to relationships because of this culture. And yes, I do know lots of dudes are jackasses about women. But isn't that true for women when it comes to men? I hate books like this, they always try to make it seem like the problem is one way. But, of course, men lack emotions. Which is why I listen to rap music and don't like to dance. One of these days, I am bound to have an aneurysm.

And this is some silly goose shit here.
I can understand why this seems cool, but don't sensationalize it. He's just a man, a physicist.

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