Thursday, July 12, 2007

brush yo' teeth...

looks like someone beat Ahmmad and I to the punch. Shout to Jason for sending me the link. You could contribute to our free internet space, however. Y0u are the one who wanted to resurrect it, and I still do all the posting. Curiouser and curiouser.

"News & Notes" tries to do "Fresh Air" but the interview is A) shorter and B) of worse sound quality. Although, I must say, it is very hard to ask new questions to a guy who was just interviewed a few weeks ago for a half hour. Props to Farai Chideya for being a legitimate journalist. I like Larry Wilmore (a lot), but how did he rise to liberal, middle-age grown-up fame so suddenly? I think a bigger question is why NBC/Fox/Comedy Central/NPR/Keenan Ivory Wayans all caught on, but black America has not. BET could use him, since they just show reruns of shows he used to right for and they don't have a news program, anyway. But whatever, that's sensible to me, an educated person (of any type), and BET cares nothing about my type.

And if there are rumors that you could lose your job during the first of your contracted five years, you are not doing something right.

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