Friday, April 11, 2008

Put up your bootsees man and pull out your buckets

E-40's always been a bit strange to me, though I am nowhere near being familiar with all his work. It's not like he takes himself so seriously that it's easy to dismiss him for being terrible, and it's not as though he's some lyrical genius either. There's also his voice, which depending on my mood is terrible or an incredible device. Though never let it be said that the man does not have a sense of style. From "my fedi's on the injure list" to "Mustard & Mayonnaise," the man can sell the stupidest phrase and make you want to say, "Hey, where's my yay-per?" That's partially what was initially so surprising about "Ham Sammiches:" why are Gipp and Daddy Fatsacks hanging out with this dude? But he oozes charisma... and he used to have a Lord Jesus Perm. For further proof, here are some of his aliases: TKA (Tycoon Known As) Charlie Hustle, E-Bonics, 40 Fonzarelli, The Ambassador of the Bay, The Ballatician, 40 Belafonte, E-Pheezy, Fortywata (40water), E-4-0, Mr. Flamboyant and Earl Poppin’ His Collar Stevens, and I am sure there are others. Of course, for all that mustard and mayo, there's at least one "Gimme Head." If Noz is to be believed, Charlie Hustlini has an album coming out this year called The Ball Street Journal. While I don't know if I would listen to one of his albums in full, as his style is a lot to handle at times, I imagine there will be something to blast in your scraper, you smell me?

You also have to appreciate his homage to a Seattle classic.

I was lurking aroung Metal Lungies, and apparently Masta Killa is a vegetarian. Let that sit for a little bit.


Jordan said...

I think my favorite E-40 moment is his verse on 8ball and MJG's friend or foe. Just his audacity to claim he was getting vicious head at age five makes it worth listening to, but the fact that it's on a verse talking alloys that spoke mongoose and delivering an anti-violence message makes it an all time classic. Also you're selling dude a bit short lyrically, he can turn a phrase like nobody else.

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

you're probably right, I just need to get more familiar with his work. But like I said at the beginning, E-40's someone you have to get used to, and that can be a hard hill to climb.