Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun at the thrift store

Since I am finally getting adjusted to my new home in Boston, I figured this weekend I'd try and find a used record store that I could frequent whenever I felt the need. Last summer, when I was in Seattle, this worked out pretty well. I lived right around the corner from one and got Deliverance, Still Standing, Ain't A Damn Thing Changed and at least one non-rap album, I just forget off the top of my head right now. I've heard so much about how Boston is a great music town, so it seemed obvious to me that there would be plenty of used record stores all over the place, especially since I live pretty close to BC.

Not so. On my first outing to find records, I came up with basically nothing. Imagine that, there are no used record stores in the hipster section (however small) of this city. All I was able to find were two cassette singles: 3rd Bass' "Pop Goes the Weasel" and Kriss Kross' "Jump." They really helped with my Halloween costume at the very least, but I rarely want to hear much from either of those groups. Anyway, I was at a party on Friday night with a friend of mine, and instead of mingling (like any good young, single person) with the other guests, I read the recent city guide put out by the Weekly Dig and saw an entry about the thrift store Diskovery. What a great find that was. I got some great stuff for only $4. Here's the stuff I could upload really easily:

Jim Crow- Holla At a Playa (Single)

What. A. Find. And it was free. There's really nothing more to say that I haven't mentioned before. I will say I'm disappointed that the Trackmasters remix only comes edited. Luckily, the Polow remix has the same verses but keeps most of the elements of the original beat. The switch when Too $hort comes in is pretty slick, too. It's no "Throw Some D's," but it's a cool early look at Polow's skills.

Holla At a Playa (Polow Remix feat. Too $hort)

Rahzel- Make the Music 2000

I cannot tell you how many afternoons I wasted as a kid with my brother playing NBA Live 2000 and hearing "All I Know" and Naughty By Nature's two biggest songs (if you have the game, you know). I also remember seeing him on MTV's "Direct Effect" with Sway and thinking he was the coolest guy around. Probably because he was a former member of the Roots. And he could do a beat like "If Your Girl Only Knew" while doing the vocals at the same time. Gimmicky? Yes. But a great gimmick nonetheless. In hindsight, was he even a part of the Roots after their first album? All the skits on the later albums I have say "vs. Scratch," even though Rahzel has tons more personality and talent. Why he left is something I'd be curious to know, as well as how he got beats from Pete Rock, Scott Storch and Marley Marl. I'll give it a better listen and then offer my thoughts soon. The nostalgia value alone of remembering my great seasons playing as the '98-'99 Kings made this find way worth it. Free .99 as well.

All I Know


Jordan said...

So Naughty's 2nd biggest song... Hip Hop Hurray? Or uptown anthem? I played NBA 2k for Dreamcast, and don't remember any of the music.

Reading at a party... I can relate.

That Rahzel track is cool, but be careful with those zshares, man. Blogger took down my most recent post because of that. I mean it's probably 'cause I'm dumb enough to upload a new Kanye song but still...

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

it was "Hip Hop Hurray." there's a whole list of the soundtracks since 2000 here:

yea, this crackdown is making things very difficult. hopefully, i don't do this often enough to warrant google watching my every move, but i'll keep an eye out.

i failed to mention i got the "Boyz N The Hood" soundtrack on cassette that day as well.

Patrick said...

Oh man, NBA Live 2000 was the best. I would put it on franchise mode and then immediately trade for Elton Brand, because 95% of the time he would become the league's best player within 4 years.

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

was that good in the game? my combination of peja, jason williams and chris webber was completely unstoppable. if my playstation still works at home, i think i have a season in progress.

of course, i'm only playing on easy. half of the fun is watching my players jump 8 feet in the air to perform sick dunks.

Monique R. said...

I'm really into finding shit at thrift stores--so, I think this post is incredible.

Anyway, I've only been to Boston once--for a conference to present my research @ Northeastern. ANYWAY- during that time, I happened to walk past a wonderful store called 'underground hiphop' (the store of the website: Huntington Ave). You've got to check it out. It can be a little over-priced...but all that hip-hop in one place- UNHEARD OF. The dudes that run it are really nice too...

Also- Boston has a MEAN shoe game.

Monique R. said...

Also- reading is always a good look for the ladies (THE REAL LADIES) at a party.

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

monique- you're very right about the mean shoe game in this city. sadly (and happily in someways), i will need new shoes soon, any suggestions?

thanks for the heads up about underground hiphop, it's much appreciated. i'm a bit embarrassed that you were only in this city for a few days and found a music store with rap records more easily than me after two and a half months.

Monique R. said...

The legendary sneaker stores that I have read about are Laced and Bodega. Sadly, I didn't get to actually stop in either one because the people I went to the conference were lame and didn't want to do anything...which is why I dipped on them for underground hiphop when they were waiting for our reservations at cheesecake. But- that's really if you are into Nike limited releases and related shoes, maybe you are more subtle?

I honestly would not have been able to get around Boston without the Iphone. I know that is douche-y and so generation Y of me, but its true. I was navigating hard with googlemaps---alone!

I have one thrift store preference question for you also---TAPES OR CDs???? What is more of pleasure to find?

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

in terms of shoes, i do sometimes like to wear really conspicuous NB limited editions that are mean, but i am so anal about keeping them clean. normally, though, i'm a fan of rod lavers or creative recreations. i've heard good things about bodega from a coworker, so i'll have to head over there soon.

in terms of tapes versus cds, i feel like i've found a piece of history when i come across a cassette. for example, in this same store, there was a tape of Amerikka's Most Wanted, and it was so tempting to get it even though i have the cd. i don't know, i feel like i'm accessing the rap nerd in me that i wanted to be when i was six when i listen to a cassette. but i also think it depends on the era the tape comes from. "Make the Music 2000" on tape versus Mantronix? old stuff every time on tape, and i'll take anything on a disc if that's all there is.

Monique R. said...

I totally agree. Tapes are a lucky find.

I didn't bring records into it because those are the obvious choice on some level. It's really weird how it depends on what it is-- in choosing the best format.

I think you and I have the same obsession/temptation of buying multiple formats of the same thing. It usually starts with me having the record then if i can find it, i absolutely have to have the tape also.

You need to do a review of Bodega when you go! And I'd love to hear what you think of underground hip hop!