Thursday, January 15, 2009

What in the world?

Best R. Kelly impersonation ever? I think so.


Monique R. said...

I dont know about you...but I can't stop laughing about this ALSO.

I wish I had cable so I could still watch things like J.Foxx Show


Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

that impression is on point. lol at the zoot suit story. 'what's goin' on with you, ray?'

Patrick said...

I'm mostly curious about what you could possibly have been searching for that led you to this. Whatever it was, I'm glad you found it.

This clip was made twice as enjoyable for me because of the realization that someone who was apparently a main character on this show or at least this episode (the guy who said "This is gonna be good") had a recurring role on the best show about a teen private investigator show ever, Veronica Mars.

Patrick said...

Whoops, that last sentence has an extra "show" in it.

tray said...

How is this a good imitation?

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

patrick- i was sending an email and i filled it with links to videos like the opening credits of 'homeboys in outer space' and tracy morgan on 'martin,' and when i saw this video, i knew i needed to share it.

i don't know, tray, it just reminded me of circa '98-'00 R-ah, with songs like 'when a woman's fed up' or, my favorite, 'feelin' on your booty.' i was also reminded of a) how far jamie foxx has come, and b) how much i watched/enjoyed that show in hindsight. and consider this: since this is one of the only R Kelly impersonations that exist, it basically wins by default.