Thursday, March 5, 2009

Always bop, bop hard.

For anyone like Michael Steele who has stuggled with how to relate and communicate effectively with young black people, here's this handy video on just that.

Honestly, every time I read about what come out this guy's mouth one of two things happen. First, I laugh hysterically. Second, I just want to shake my head. Never have I seen someone struggle so much to try and relate to people to get their attention. OK, maybe Saigon is worse in that respect. But really, between "We are all good," "Some slum love out to Gov. Bobby Jindal," and "off the hook," I don't know how much of this I can take. It's going to be a long two years.


Jordan said...

Anyway, I'll say this for Steele, I had no idea who the head of RNC was before him. Still don't. I knew Howard Dean was head of the DNC, and I guess i figured there was an equivalent figure on the other side, but never thought enough to figure out who that was. As I understand it, part of the job is being this visible advocate for the party to promote Republicanism, and Steele's got the visibility part down.

tray said...

Well in fairness on the slum love bit, it seems that the guy interviewing him was absolutely nuts and asked Steele to "use some of that street terminology" and "give me some slum love" several times - after which Steele, unfortunately, obliged, but it isn't as bad as if he thought of it himself. But yeah, what a disaster.

bding7 said...


you make a good point, i never knew who the rnc chairman was before him, so i guess steele is making some progess.


yea, i read the part of the transcript where the interviewer said that. i could only shake my head. "unfortunately obliged" is right.

tray said...

I'm not exactly sure why that guy still has a job after he called Jindal the "Slumdog Millionaire governor."

bding7 said...

yea, you're right. i don't really understand how that isn't more of a story, yet steele's foolishness is constantly making waves. i imagine it's that the media do not view the south asian community as one that will take offense and demand action the way other minority groups would. so "no harm, no foul." anyway, it's a good question.

Jordan said...

Pretty sure Ann Coulter did the same thing. Although Ann Coulter's job is basically "be racist."