Friday, August 7, 2009


Among others, where was this man on this list? Yet somehow, Little Brother made it? Look, I have their first album, and it is good. But come on, people.


AaronM said...

Don't look at me, Just Tryin Ta Live was in my top 10.
But I agree with you.

bding7 said...

I'd really like to hear a defense of why Just Tryin Ta Live shouldn't be on this list. I love Ghost, but JTTL has a lot more to offer than The Pretty Tony Album, in my mind.

Also, why was there no love for Freeway? I was under the impression quit a few people thought Free At Last was one of, if not the, best of '07. But maybe it's just me and Tray.

I could go on (Lupe? Really?) but I don't want to get too worked up over this.

AaronM said...

I put Philadelphia Freeway on there too.
I was dismayed there wasn't more love for Killer Mike's I Pledge Allegiance II, personally.
We should discuss this further, man.
I feel like we could actually have an interesting debate about this.

bding7 said...

As you know from previous posts, I love Philly Freezer. That said, we need to be real about Philadelphia Freeway: it's a rather sloppy album. Nelly and Snoop have no business showing up, it runs too long, and the tone shifts rapidly from song to song. Subtract "Take It to the Top," and Free At Last is an under-appreciated monster.

I really liked some of Mike's I Pledge Allegiance II, but I'll need to go back to it and re-think that.

My biggest issue with the list is that it doesn't really reflect the stylistic shift we saw this decade (the South obviously, Ghost's huge impact on lyricism and style, etc.).