Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I breeze through Africa just to see the safari

A couple things struck me while watching this video earlier this afternoon:

-It's not hard to snoop around a site like NahRight and see all these posts of Nicki Minaj. I mostly avoided them because I figured those guys were posting her songs just so they had an excuse to put a picture of her on the site. After seeing her in comparison to the miniscule OJ, all I have to say is she's a big bitch, man. Maybe by saying that, I'm no longer a black heterosexual guy, but I like having the option of hugging someone. Let's just skip her rapping for now, it made my head hurt. Take a lesson from Diddy, and pretend to take ownership of the verse.

-I'm not familiar with OJ's catalogue (or Gucci's for that matter), so I have no opinion on his verse. But, golly, is he tiny.

-Waka Flocka Flames is up there with Shorty Shit Stain as one of the best rap names ever. Partly for reminding me of Fozzie Bear. And his "you're washed up like Shaq" line reminded me of something: why don't rappers make references to sports players anymore? I'm not talking about Kobe or LeBron or Jordan, I mean people like Rod Strickland, Bernard King or Zab Judah? Are rappers now such big nerds that they can only follow the blogs and don't even have a passing interest in any sport? Or maybe the best participants in sports that rappers tend to follow lack personality. Seriously, how long can we go without someone making fun of JaMarcus Russell, or someone saying they've been overlooked like LT. I could be way off base here, and I would truly appreciate anyone pointing me to a good sports punchline/reference/whatever.


Monique R. said...

C'mon. I thought you were smarter than this.

Is Nicky Minaj really that much bigger than any other video-booty ho? Nah.

I'm familiar with her but don't like her or have any interest in her...but uhh, if So Icey Ent. isn't really your thing, not sure why you are sharing your lackluster comments on a video that's created an unnecessary reactionary response [re: Nicki Minaj's verse] without even addressing it?

bding7 said...

Upon further review, you're right, this was a waste of a post. Not much else to say. The only thing that mattered to me in this post was the point about slick sports references. But, meh, I can do better.

tray said...

What unnecessary reactionary response re Nicki Minaj's verse? I guess I didn't think it was so awful. OJ is probably bigger than me, by the way. Though I may be taller.

quan said...

Lil Boosie talks about Michael Vick frequently. Not as a punchline reference or anything like that. He's genuinely disturbed that they treated Vick that way over some dog-fighting.

My bad if Vick falls in the Kobe-Jordan-Lebron territory. I don't know my football much to gauge how big of a star Vick is or isn't.

bding7 said...

A friend let me know that Wale has a bunch ("more or less Lindros," "Wale Ovechkin") as well. In terms of Vick, a few years ago, I guess it would have been kind of old, since every ATL rapper would wear his jersey/put him in their video/shout him out in some way. Now, it's kind of hard to tell since he's fallen so far.