Sunday, January 17, 2010

Radioactive Spider-man

As I've mentioned before, I've never been one to read or collect comic books. But, as a kid, I watched loads of cartoons based on comics. A couple months ago, I found out about The Spectacular Spider-Man tv show. I know I'm late on this, but I rarely watch tv as it stands, let alone get up for Saturday morning cartoons. Anyway, I'd read comparisons to the great Batman show from elementary school, and figured I would check it out. It is quite good, though I wish each episode were a bit more patient in its storytelling. One thing that shows like Justice League Unlimited, Spectacular Spider-Man, etc. have as an advantage over comic movies is that I always believe that when Vulture is flying around, it's the original character and not a computer generated stand-in. Animation lowers the amount I have to suspend my disbelief, so I can follow the story and not worry about production costs (though I remember that being an issue for the Iron and Hulk shows as a kid, because they were awful). There's also the whole "13 episodes a season" and "hope for 65 episodes total to get to syndication," which if played right, can make for some epic storytelling if planned well. Anyway, after finishing the new animatedweb-slinger show, I just revisited an episode of the old one. Any preferences?

I think I'm next onto the old X-Men show. I'm a couple episodes in, and as I remember, the story itself is quite mature and very patiently told. The animation however? Yikes. Does anyone recall if it gets better? As a kid, I stopped watching around the Phoenix Saga since it required seeing every episode in order, which is hard to do when by 11 a.m. you're out of the house. I also think I lost patience that it wasn't just focused on one character, which I can now appreciate. We'll see how it goes.


AaronM said...

I was obsessed with this show as a kid. The X-Men show is indeed hideous and I only realized it recently when I revisited it.
I think you only pay attention to animation quality once you're older than say, 12.

bding7 said...

Yea, I recently stopped trying to watch X-Men. The art is just too bad to cope with, and the voice acting isn't all that spectacular, either. When I was a kid, there I remember making it all the way up to the Phoenix Saga before I effectively stopped watching the show. I always attributed that to its late time (11, I think). But maybe the piss poor art influenced me and I just couldn't explain it.

I'll see about this older Spider-Man cartoon, though he looks like he's 33, and not 19.