Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Roots play Swarthmore

He is a very large man, trust me.

So for better or for worse, as I predicted, the Legendary Roots crew played a show that catered to the on the fence crowd that is the Swarthmore rap scene. It was an awesome show from the standpoint of musicianship, but the songs they played were not what I was hoping for. This is definitely the case for their medley, which showed flashes of being tremendous. They did little snippets of "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man," "Award Tour," "Da Goodness," which were all awesome, but they confused me (and from my looking around, a couple other rap nerds) with "Throw Some D's," "This is Why I'm Hot" and "SexyBack". Then they did "Masters of War." My issue with the show is not that they only did little pieces of their own songs (though a full version of "The Next Movement" would have satisfied me), it's that they knew the audience didn't know much about rap and would not seek it out and played to please the crowd instead of playing that hot shit and inspiring people to seek those songs out. In the words of the Green Eyed Bandit, "And if you don't like me, and you yellin boo/ There's nothin wrong wit me, it's somethin wrong with you." Just let the funk flow. Before the show started, someone asked Patrick what his favorite Roots album was, to which he responded Things Fall Apart. This person then asked where Phrenology stood on that list ("Number 2?!") and Patrick admitted it isn't too high. How could Patrick not like "The Seed 2.0?" It's rap done right, live instruments, a singer, not misogynistic/materialistic/violent, it's perfect!! Well, read Noz the prophet's issues with that sort of stance. I feel like I am rambling, so I'll stop soon. We'll be talking about the show and some of our problems tonight with a special guest from The Moment I Feared, Matt Thurm (I think). I guarantee an interesting show.

I guess I didn't say this explicitly, but I did enjoy the show. I just wish it had been more rap focused than trying to hit the crowd with random songs that the Roots knew we would move to. I'll stop now, I'm going in circles. Listen tonight.

P.S. There were a lot of women dressed in their freshest gear. Think about this: they are 32-35 years old with a family and a career. You are a little college punk. Stop trying to hit on these men. Please, I beg of you. They are also a bit ugly.


Patrick said...

on point, as usual.

also, somebody placing "phrenology" number 2 on their list of favorite roots albums is just criminal. i really didn't know how to respond except with a straight-up "no."

jason said...

"while Owen Biddle took off his sweatshirt to reveal a Swarthmore T-shirt."

That's what you came for, right?

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

they forgot to mention that patrick got his cast signed and that we broke the stage (seriously).

The Roots began by playing a wide sampling of their songs, ranging from their most recent album, Game Theory, to their second album, Do You Want More?!!!??!, though there were no tracks from their more laid-back debut Organix. All of this material was excellent, though it was strange to hear Black Thought doing raps that were originally performed by former member Malik B. — particularly when one of the lines began “I’m Malik B….”

as someone who owns Organix, in all honesty, it ain't that great. it has a bunch of ideas that would become their full second album. i guess "Do You Want More?!!!??!" is too rappy for he writer. i personally love to hear black thought do impressions, and would have loved some BDK or G. Rap. but i also sang along when they did "Throw Some D's."

what's with all the comments recently? i'm loving this.