Thursday, October 4, 2007

It don't feel right

So earlier this week, Tuesday I think, the Daily Gazette announced that the Roots would be the main event of the large scale event this November. Being the rap nerd I am, and considering that rap at Swarthmore gets no love, of course I was geeked. But then, my skepticism set in. This school has close to no rap scene, and when Blackalicious performed two years ago, nobody moved. Yea, lots of kids here are introverted and are too self-conscious about moving and enjoying the music, but you don't go to a concert to just sit there like a comatose. The appeal is interacting with the performer, witnessing firsthand they enjoy the music they make appreciate your love of their work. It is also the case that a few members of the basketball team got fake platinum chains, stood front and center, and essentially mocked all the acts the whole concert. Besides being a dick move, it's offensive since it gives the connotation that unless they're big-time (and by that I mean LaSS plays their songs at their party that week. It's really sad how disposable current black music is to some of my peers), they don't actually care about what you have to say. My question to those players (ha) is why go to the concert in the first place? If you don't want to see the headliners, just hang out in your room and play the songs you want to hear. Get on your Curtis and follow my lead. It also didn't help to see some girls way overdressed with the hope of meeting the rappers. They're fat and mid-30s music nerds, i.e. not your type (or anyone's, really).

But the skepticism goes deeper than the lame rap fans at Swarthmore. The Roots are known for a great live show (I saw them over a fence once), but recently their music panders to the coffee shop chicks and white dudes. By that I mean they're "conscious" rap and "progessive" beats of late are getting on my nerves. That caters to a school that knows nothing about rap but has plenty of people ready to complain about it, to the activist crowd, and people who only like music that sounds like rock/country all the time. Lucky for them, the Roots do a cover of Bob Dylan's "Master of War!!!" And they're jazzy!!! They're different from all those other rappers. Honestly, I just want a good rap show to come through, and for the people in attendance to appreciate it for what it is. If the Roots do come, here's a random list of the songs I'd want to hear:
Pete Rock & CL Smooth- It's Like That
Goodie Mob-Black Ice
Their own Proceed II
Noreaga- SuperThug
If I hear "Mind Sex" or "P.S. *69" or anything that's supposed to "push the music" but fails horribly I will be disappointed because it would mean they are more concerned with their reputation of pleasing the audience than simply rocking the stage. I would be especially hurt if they wasted their time with us, because I'll be in focus mode from the first opener. They are on the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors Tour so hopefully once they get here they'll keep playing songs that move the crowd. And not "The Seed 2.0" In short, if they come (there will be hell to pay if not), they need to do what they do and proceed as if we don't matter. Because given Swarthmore's past "hospitality" towards rap (The Perceptionists, Emanon), trying to please us will only frustrate the artists. If anyone from the LSE committee is reading, take notes. Please. I want the best rap show possible. Even if it starts three hours late.

In other news, podcasts are up. Support that shit. We're just having fun, killing it with the dope beats and lyrics.

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