Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh, Bork.

Can someone please tell Keenan to practice his lines ahead of time, or to, you know, ad lib? I can't deal with his lack of focus. But all beefs aside, calling Bjork the small white lady version of Dennis Rodman is awesome.

We may or may not get to interview Hezekiah, the dude that's opening for the Roots. He wanted us to interview him over the phone, which would be difficult. We'll keep you updated. He's got a song with Freeway that's pretty intense and hopefully he'll perform that during his set. He also managed to wrangle in Bilal (where has he been?) to sing the hook for his single "Looking Up."

In other news, all these artists owe me for the free promotion I gave them all. Especially Bilal. Do something, doggie.

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