Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nonevent of the year

I've been reading a lot on the web about how my fellow hip hop/internet nerds feel about this flub/fallout. Honestly, he didn't mess up in any significant way. I saw Pharoahe a couple weeks and he did the same thing with his verse from "Oh No." Of course, there's a vast between their skill levels, but that's not pertinent to this discussion. That Lupe messed up is , as I said, a nonevent. His reaction, however, was really unnecessary. If he does not like Tribe because their music did not grab him when he tried to listen to them, that's fine. But to say he has no interest in hearing Midnight Marauders because Hammerman outsold them and he was grooving to Too $hort and Spice-1 is an arrogant move. It's fine if he does not like to focus on the rap "canon" in favor of his own personal taste, but to say that what he chose to listen to (or rather, his father) is superior to music other people have a connection with is ridiculous and not a credible argument. I really don't care if he's never heard a Tribe album, trying to deny their influence is like saying the Beatles don't matter now because they've been broken up for close to 40 years (whoa.). It also does not help that Lupe's musical message of upliftment is (besides a bit lame) indebted to ATCQ in some way. Sorry, we don't believe you, you need more people. All he had to do was ignore what happened and apologize if it ever came up again, which would be doubtful. Instead, he looks like a tempermental child jealous that no one will pay him attention even though he feels he has the hottest product out. Kanye does the same thing. But Tudda's got beats and guests (a lot of the time, anyway). Lupe has "Daydreamin'" and lines like "I think I like her, like a metaphor." I've said enough, I am done with this topic. I hope.

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