Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Song of the year contender.

Along with Riskay and "Sensual Seduction," we have quite a few contenders. Check it out here. Thoughts?

At some point, I'll post my best of 2007 list that I made for WSRN, that somehow has not been posted (none of them have, I imagine).


Patrick said...

i don't think i ever sent you a copy of my list. it's changed now anyway though, after i heard "let's get this paper"

devin the dude feat. snoop and andre 3000 - what a job
ugk feat. outkast - int'l player's anthem
pharoahe monch - let's go
camp lo - posse from the bronx
ghostface feat. meth and raekwon - yolanda's house
senim silla - for the record
marco polo feat. masta ace - nostalgia
busta rhymes - takin' what's mine
prodigy - stuck on you
rich boy - let's get this paper

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

about 1/2 of your list matches up to mine. i somehow only sent phil 9 songs.

Patrick said...

actually, cut that prodigy song, because i completely forgot about these two that are both better:

dizzee rascal - flex
young bleed - bac road mississippi