Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Call me Purdue

Some quick notes on the great personal narrative, "Killa Season," Cam'Ron's movie from a couple years ago that was released on DVD (I think). I saw it almost exactly two years ago with the actual founder of this blog, Jason, and another friend. Of course, I was very drunk as it was senior week so I only remember a few pieces of it. But, Patrick and I watched it again yesterday. First off: this has to be the longest movie (about 2 and a 1/2 hours) about a rapper's life ever... no homo. Any casual readers know I don't use that dumbass phrase, but as this is a movie about DipSet, it's only appropriate. Anyway, on to the highlights:
  • I never need to see the process of how mules transport drugs into and around the world. Maria Full of Grace was enough.
  • I can't figure which situation offends me more: a little girl being shot or a little girl's face being spit on. Somewhere, R. Kelly was smiling when that scene was filmed.
  • Let's take over the block.
  • Don't have sex with crackheads. They'll only take your money... and go to community college and clean their lives up and thank you in a very special way.
  • Michael K. Williams (Omar of the Wire) has the greatest cameo ever. It's a beautiful performance, no homo.
  • Though he hasn't put out a (relevant) compilation album in years, Funkmaster Flex still has paternal-like control over all rappers, especially a guy who says he gets the computers 'putin'.
  • Let's take over the block.
  • Don't claim to be hard or tough, no homo.
As you may be able to tell, TT is back. I have nothing but time on my hands, so in between laser tag and sleeping I'll try and get back to writing some more stuff. I've been out of the loop for the past three weeks or so, please excuse me if I am late on a few things (like Noz losing his job). There's a new muxtape up, since the site crashed a little while ago. There are a few songs I want to post, but the site can't accept them, so check them out here and here. I have a few thoughts on albums I've been giving a lot of burn recently, but I need to get back into the flow of writing, so please be patient. As soon as I'm ready, I'll give it to you raw. No homo.


Patrick said...

"Giles misses the shot...I can't believe he missed that shot...Giles...Giles misses...Giles"

i was going to write a post about this, but i think your pen has given this movie about all it deserves...no homo.

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

my fur game is in serious need a tune-up (pause/ayo/no homo). quick.