Monday, May 5, 2008

More or less Lindros

Sorry if posting is infrequent over the next 2 weeks or so; finals beckon, and the idea of graduating is rather enticing. Patrick sent me the newest installation of Prodigy's sage-like musings. Check it out here. He also recently started a muxtape, though I still hate that name.

The above pic is from a recent Off the Yelzebub field trip from Saturday night. Wale came to Haverford last weekend, and while I tend to avoid those kids (like Mr. block-off-access-to-girls-with-a-toll-booth-arm), the show was pretty tight. Big shout to the little singing guy with the shades, they were lovely. Apparently, the Philadelphyinz played afterward, but we missed them. Wah, wah. There are more photos here (kind of).

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