Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's been a while since I posted anything, and I really have no excuse. It is not as though I am in school getting ready for finals or packing up my stuff to go home for the winter (yet), I was just at a loss for things to discuss. But that is normally how the end of the year goes, so I don't feel so bad. With the end of 2008 come "best of the year" lists, and those can be found (so far) if you go to the websites of Noz, Weiss, Doc Zeus, and Tray. My list falls somewhere between all of them, but I will wait a while until I come up with anything. Real quickly, I never knew there was a West Coast Remix to "Drivin' Down the Block," who are those other guys?

After being reminded of "Party All the Time" by Tray, I think this is appropriate

Talk about a weird collaboration, which sounds like a good idea for a post. A taste of what is to come: The Future. Stay tuned.

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