Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Since I don't want to get a letter from Google, I will just direct you to this, the uncut video of Jadakiss' "Knock Yourself Out." I didn't know they made an uncut version, and I am completely dumbfounded by what I just saw. Wow, that was wrong on many levels. I am completely speechless. The years 1997-2002 were very good/forgiving to rappers.


tray said...

So just commenting on some of your old posts, doesn't the Cross The Border remix sound like a replayed version of All About the Benjamins on the Korg (or whatever that machine is they use that makes the Neptunes sounds)? Was Ness's song really that bad? If Power 99 supports all Philly artists, how come they barely support Freeway? I heard a little Big Spender but never any of the other singles. Didn't he try to put out the one with Rick Ross? I loved that song.

BreadCity said...

Ahaha. That song just got a lot better.

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...


yea, it does sound like 'all about the benjamins' in a way. the ness song, if it didn't have diddy screaming all over it, would be serviceable enough. but, poppa diddy pop as a hypeman and kind of a lame hook bring it down. power 99 has gotten much worse about supporting philly, but that's the fault of clear channel, it can't be helped. here are the songs i remember them playing from '03-'07: 'what we do,' 'flipside,' 'roc the mic,' and that one scott storch/?uestlove (i think) produced 'where you been.' the first verse of 'lights get low' was fire.


the simulated doggystyle in that video crossed one of my few lines regarding what is proper. i'm amazed people got on nelly for 'tip drill' and failed to even notice this.

tray said...

They still play Roc The Mic. But those were hits nationwide. Well, except for Where You Been. Kind of a dud. It was hot though. Diddy isn't the hypeman he used to be, though sometimes he's funny, I liked him on that 8ball/MJG song, their first Bad Boy single.

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

i forgot about "you got me" with jay and mariah? was that a national hit? sadly, i can barely remember that far back anymore.

"you don't want drama" is a fun song and diddy reined it in a bit for that. his additions to the "special delivery remix" on the chorus hurt my head, though.