Monday, June 29, 2009

Another part of me.

I'll be on hiatus/vacation for the next two weeks. In regards to recent events, at this point I really have nothing to say. The more I read about his life, the more this hurts me. I'm sure I'll write more later, but I'm still processing about what he meant to me. Also, that move at 2:25> Usher's career.


tray said...

Which 2:25?

bding7 said...

Oh, sorry, I meant in "Scream." THe whole (obvious) point is that MJ at 38 is worlds better as a dancer/singer/entertainer than Usher or JT could ever hope to be.

tray said...

This will sound bizarre but I think if we're going to anoint some kind of heir to MJ's legacy, however gaping a chasm in quality between his work and the work of the crazy name I'm about to throw out, Britney would be the one. Just as Michael was to his generation what Elvis was to his, Britney is to mine. JT or Usher of course can never be in the same conversation with Michael, not even because they lack the talent, though they do, but because there's nothing weird, interesting, ambiguous, conflicted, or even personal about their music. It's all so much calculated Off The Wall-aping product, Cry Me A River and all that notwithstanding, and even that stuff has always felt to me more like a cynical play on his fans' obsession with his tabloid drama than any kind of honest commentary on their relationship; I doubt he really cares.