Monday, June 1, 2009

Do you see what I see?

A while back, I wrote a post about the Backwudz's first album Wood Work. Again, if you haven't heard it, check it out. A couple months ago, on MGG's site, I saw a youtube video from Big Marc of the group doing this song he entitled "Concrete Complications." What struck me at first was how he had changed his whole look and rapping style. From throwbacks and fitted caps to a Freeway-esque beard and a fledgling mohawk as well as an over-enunciated cadence (a change from his thick Southern drawl) that OutKast has always been so fond of. I would say that he got this from Wayne, but it's clear from his style to the topics he chose to write about in that short song that 'Kast was a more direct influence. Anyway, I thought it was pretty serviceable, nice to see someone who'd been out of the spotlight for so long back giving us something to consume for a little while, but I figured that would be about it. I also knew he'd released a mixtape over old (?) Dilla beats and renamed himself "A. Leon Craft," which I passed on since it felt a bit weird to hear the combination of those two for whatever reason. But maybe a month or so ago, I heard his appearance on "Caddys" and started to take notice. For one, he's putting out music rather consistently, so clearly there is something in the works. But also, the thing that made me hesitant about "Concrete Complications" was gone from his verse. Before, it felt like he was trying much too hard to be Andre from the way he presented himself physically, to his style and writing subject. On "Caddys," he sounds more comfortable with his new flow and he's just rapping well, not overly concerned with getting a message across to the streets. Then, a little more recently, I heard his song "Spaced Out." It's pretty nice. I am sure some of you are skeptical of someone who calls himself A. Leon Craft and hails from Atlanta, but don't worry, he's not treading old ground. Instead, he's taking Andre's verse on "Xplosion" to it's logical extreme and taking the space meme as far as he can. Given that on the songs I've heard he's used it for cars and women, he seems pretty comfortable with it. I'm looking forward to what he has in store next.

Also, I have no idea what's gotten into me recently, but enjoy this posting streak while it lasts.


Jay Deff Kay said...

I should've known you'd do a post on this. So once I did check out the Da Backwudz album that you reminded me about (thnks again), I was fiending for more and came across A.Leon Craft's "Mothership Dillaleon" mixtape while i was digging around. Definitely worth checking out- it wasn't essential or anything but like you point out it definitely shows that dude has a few layers he can explore in his records. Not that I didnt enjoy him on woodwork but it surprised me to be honest. and yeah, that 3k influence is becoming more apparent by the minute.

And Spaced Out is pretty ridiculous. I'm really surprised it didnt blow up on some minor umm blog-ular level.

tray said...

I... am still probably not a fan but I am back to blogging.

bding7 said...


His new style surprised me as well, I just didn't think he could get around his thick accent. I think the reason Spaced Out hasn't really gotten farther than BLVD ST. is that his new name is, quite honestly, not too appealing. He could probably get by still calling himself Big Marc, it would certainly help attract people who remember Da Backwudz. Or, he could go with his other moniker on that album: Shitty Bill.