Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do Your Time (RMX)

Dirty South mind blowin Dirty South bread
Catfish fried up, Dirty South fed
Sleep in a cot'-pickin Dirty South bed
Dirty South guls gimme Dirty South head
Hand me down flip-flops, hand me down socks
Hand me down drug dealers hand me down rocks
Hand me down a 50 pack Swisher Sweets box
And goodfella rich niggaz hand me down stocks

Indeed, Mr. Bridges.


Anonymous said...

Aww shit. this is what i get for missing daytime tv. YIKES. i always feel so conflicted watching such things. rappers on daytime. on one level, i'm happy for their success. on the other, i completely cringe @ the whole idea of them trying to endear themselves to the whole middle-america housewife demographic. this show lineup would be great entry for a "guess whch one's got jail cred?" game. dude looks totally humbled by her gangsta presence. and you know "move bitch" holds a special place in martha's heart after that prison stint

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

this clip is one of those times where i miss chappelle's show. there's a great joke lurking in this moment.

it's one thing to talk about your upcoming projects on daytime tv, another to do origami and cook with an ex-con.

Patrick said...

do you think tyson is the personal chef luda talks about in "on top of the world?"

side note: i wish b.o.b. did more than just the hook on that song.

Jordan said...