Thursday, October 9, 2008


There are a few songs I've mentioned that are pretty great, though I realize not everyone has the time for "___ zshare" searches on Google like I do. So let's try this out. Do enjoy.

Backbone feat. Cee-Lo & Joi- Lord Have Mercy

Jim Crow- Big Dreams

O.C. feat Organized Konfusion- You Won't Go Far

Big Gipp- History Mystery

Diamond D, Sadat X & Lord Finesse- You Can't Front


AaronM said...

Good picks, Brad. Thanks for these.

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

thanks aaron, much appreciated. enjoy them all.

i thought about writing something about big gipp's album, though i think jordan over at suckapunk will be doing something at somepoint. after i finished it, i kind of wish i had chosen another sadat/brand nubian song (like the "word is bond" remix).