Friday, October 3, 2008

Trying to ball like Liberace

You guys already know I enjoy the lost rap trio Jim Crow. So of course, I am happy to be led to Jim Crow's unreleased third album, Bandits. I think what I enjoy most is the idea that a rap group named Jim Crow did a song with a white, Southern rapper (Bubba Sparxxx). And the file has the original version of the Off the Yelzebub classic, "Holla at a Playa." I'm sure I will have something to say about the album soon, as well as Bubba's first joint, depending on time.

Also, if you've never heard "You Won't Go Far," a soundtrack cut by Organized Konfusion and O.C., please do so now. It's from the New Jersey Drive soundtrack (Vol. 2), a movie which is probably more famous for "Benz or Beamer" by OutKast. In true OK form, these guys create a vivid picture of car jacking, it's thrilling and kind of scary at the same time. They're committed to their roles on wax, so it's worth checking out. It's also a really interesting contrast in tone to "Benz or Beamer," since 'Kast use a smooth, relaxed beat compared to the hard-hitting snares and piano in "You Won't Go Far," which I assume is produced by OK. It is sort of reminiscent on O.C.'s "Constables," also done by Prince Po and the Mighty Pharoahe Monchichi. Both are great songs, focused on the process of stealing a car, but the tone the two groups take makes for all the difference in the world. In someways, they highlight the differences between the aesthetics of the two regions at the time. I'm rambling, just listen to the songs. Here's the OutKast joint. Also, take a blue pill while I'm here.


Anonymous said...

was nice to revisit benz and beamer. that OK joint was pretty nice too - its the first time i've heard it. Then again, despite being a Pharoahe Monch fan, I'm not all that familiar with OK's catalogue - Stress is the only album I've heard. and Tronic - I'm not gonna comment on , coz I'm ridiculously excited about it, and I have a feeling I'm gonna just hype myself to an unreasonable level if I continue to talk about it

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

apparently, "You Won't Go Far" is actually an O.C. joint featuring OK, which sort of explains its similarities to "Constables."

as far as organized konfusion's catalogue, definitely get the first two albums. the third one tries to do too much, but there are still some great songs, and anytime i hear those two rap i can't help but get a little bit excited.

i never took a chance to check out black milk's first album, but the two songs i've heard give me high hopes. then again, i've only heard 2 songs, but they're pretty sick nonetheless.

Patrick said...

i really should have done this earlier, but can you hook me up with the first jim crow album? or whichever one had the song that you put on that muxtape a while back?


also, good to see you on a more frequent posting schedule.

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

not to worry, i can get you the album really easily. i'll try to do that ASAP with zshare or something.