Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cornball outfits, Vol. 1

I was reading the archives of Noz's blog over at XXLMag. com (I kid you not) and I found this picture, and was inspired to start a series where we post people, famous or not, looking like damn fools. Here's the start, I am sure there will be more, even if the posts are less organized.

Somebody should have slapped some damn sense into you. And Stanley Crouch should not be seen in public. Good lord. I am back at Swat in a couple days, and I'm going to be back on the radio, after some rest/ being really lazy about signing up. The music tastes have expanded, so expect more from my show, as always. And subscribe to the podcast, when in starts. But, I need a name for my show and a partner. I'm iffy about the latter, since it means I may have to share song time. But I really want to talk about rap and not just do stupid PSAs that no one cares about. I've also been told by a few people that they listen to my show (no, not my family), so I need some way to fill in that space in between the stretches of songs. As far as names, I'm thinking "Sock Over the Shoe," or some other kind of random rap lines. Honestly, I am leaning towards simply "Ayo!" It's simple and I'll get no questions about where it came from. Who knows, I may create a catchphrase at school. Right. But that still does not resolve the problem of a partner. If you're reading this (you need a hobby, or my mother) and you're a Swattie, shoot me an email and we'll do business.

But yea, cut out that cornball mess.

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