Thursday, August 9, 2007

heads must roll

Someone stole our blog name. that's not cool at all. and I know the Mayor of Trenton. He may not be the best (take a drive through the place), but he's a nice enough guy. Although 13 years of the same leadership is a mighty long time.

Obviously, it is not a good year to be in charge of any sports organization. But this issue came up last year right before the start of the World Cup, and they interviewed Thierry Henry about during one of Freedomland's games. The guy does not really say anything constructive, and you can't really expect him to, he's a high level official. But saying Africa isn't diverse or that Eastern Europe is more racist because of the war in the Balkans are a) offensive and b) a stretch for me, to say the least. Hopefully his comments don't make it back to the turbulent nation that is Africa.

Am I a terrible person for thinking the subway may be shut down again this week is funny? If I am, oh well.

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