Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My crime work, ninja style shit was did

Imus so it seem to be.


What I find even funnier is that Al Sharpton and Co. are still going to attack the "real reason" behind Imus's comments: a type of music. In fact, he did that already across the country. I am more than a bit skeptical about the "lyrics" committee thing, since I've heard plenty of stupid remarks about all types of people who are not black women in recent rap songs. More on this at some point.

Good day in the news for the Chocolate City. And it seems like black people are the leaders in this field. I am sure these two things are the result of too much rap music being distributed to our political leaders and young people. Oliver Thomas must have had his mind submerged in the world of Mobb Deep. Don't laugh, political leaders are always under pressure like fat bitches.

Maybe if kids could get a job after high school without a college degree this wouldn't be so necessary? I hate adults.

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