Sunday, August 19, 2007

News and such

''I do not see this country allowing another Katrina-type event to happen.''
- R. David Paulison, the new head of FEMA

That's good to hear (if not obvious). So does this mean we'll be able to help places like Jamaica, or are they on their own?

There's also this article where a task force leader compares MS-13's spread across the country to a virus, not unlike "The Matrix." Some of these kids sound like aspiring rappers. And a few probably are, for that matter.

That was a dick move, Hebrews.

I've also been reading the blogs a lot, Noz in particular, and he writes well (which says a lot since most hip hop bloggers can't form a complete sentence). He really likes Jay-Z, and makes interesting arguments about him (like Breihan), but I don't get it. So for this reason, I must return to the radio after a 9 month absence to understand why Jay-Z is good (if he is so). For that task, I need a partner. But not just any old fan, someone who actually likes to talk about rap and has open ears. No small task back at the Dungeon. We'll see how that goes.

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